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    Ever since the bombing in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995, I have never been as horrified at the senseless slaughter of innocent people. Until April 20, 1999. Surely, by now you have all heard about the killings.  For those of you who have been living in a shoebox,here it is in a nutshell:

    On April 20, 1999, two male students entered their high school, Columbine High, located in Littleton, Colorado, and assaulted some 35 students and one faculty member, resulting in the death of 13 of those individuals.  The two students then turned their weapons upon themselves and took their own lives, bringing the death count to a total of 15.  According to one television source (this may not be completely accurate), one of those killed was a girl, who, when one of the murderers asked "Is there a believer in Jesus Christ in the room?" she boldly professed herself to be such a person.  Ya'll, that was such an AWESOME profession of her faith and belief.  But, because of that profession, she was immediately shot.  All of the United States, and also those all over the world, are contemplating what caused these two young men to act out such a horrendous deed.  Whatever the reasoning behind the action, there is no excuse for it.

    Never again will any of these people write a letter, sing a song, go to the movies, drive a car, go out on a date, watch a television show, or go to a fast-food restaurant.  These people will never graduate from high school, attend college, marry, or have children of their own.  And for what?!

    SENSELESS VIOLENCE HAS GOT TO STOP.  And only ONE true, loving being can REALLY make a difference.  Our Heavenly Father.  I want each of you to PLEASE, right NOW, stop whatever you are doing and pray.  Pray for not only the community of Littleton, CO., but for the world as a whole.

    I'm not from Littleton, nor do I know anyone from Colorado, but I realize that this could just as easily happen where I live, or where YOU live.  This world has got to turn away from the violent ways and get back to, (or for the first time, go to) God.  May His love and strength be with you.

In Christ,

Sadly, we now have to add another memorial section. For the victims of the shootings at Wedgwood Baptist Church, in Fort Worth, Texas. Lord, please help this world. I plead with you God. What has happened to the human race? Slowly, it is devolving into a race of individuals full of hatred for others. All of these instances have one thing in common: the hatred of someone because he/she has chosen to be different. The man who shot all the people at Wedgwood is said to have said to the congregation, "What you believe is a bunch of bull----!" So, no one made him believe it. Just because he had a different viewpoint did not give him the right to kill all those innocent people. There is only two things that we can do: PRAY and KEEP OUR FAITH in GOD strong. Maybe the Lord's love be with you always.---Amanda

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