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These two great movies share a lot of similarities.
               TITANIC                                          GWTW

Jack and Rose meet on                                 Grand Staircase in Scarlett
Grand Staircase in dinner scene                    and Rhett's Atlanta home
Rose smokes (not acceptable                      Scarlett dances at the Atlanta
for a lady in those times)                             bazaar during her mourning
                                                                     time for Charles Hamilton.
                                                                     (also not acceptable)

Rose is rich                                                 Scarlett is rich

Rose wears reddish dress                           Scarlett wears a red dress
to the steerage party                                     to Ashley's birthday party

The TITANIC disaster                                The Civil War is a real life
is a real life event, modified                       event, modified by Margaret
James Cameron to include                           Mitchell to include two
two fictional characters.                              fictional characters.

TITANIC is the biggest movie                    At the time of it's release,
ever made.                                                  GWTW was the biggest
                                                                    movie ever made.

Both films were predicted to be major flops.
James Cameron, and David O. Selznick both became obsessed
with making their movies the absolute best that they could be.
Both films have drawings of the leading ladies.
(In TITANIC, the drawing of Rose done by Jack, and in GWTW,
when Scarlett and Rhett have an argument, Rhett
throws his champagne class at a painting of Scarlett.)
Both movies end with a monologue done by the leading ladies.
Both movies have major histeria scenes.
(In TITANIC, the sinking scene, and in GWTW,
the scene on Atlanta when Scarlett is leaving the hospital)
Both movies show that the leading man is lost to the leading lady.
(Jack dies, and Rhett deserts Scarlett)
Both movies portray the leading ladies as having great strength and vitality.