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(another blessed day we are sharing)

- Manda and Noah -

"To love is to receive a glimpse of Heaven." - Playwright

- Noah Daniel -

The reason why I made this web page is simple.  I hold and cherish the love that I share with you as one of the most precious and valuable gifts that anyone has ever given me.  The only gift above your love is that of my Salvation.  I wanted to make a place where I could publicly express my love to you.  Maybe one day, we can show this page to our children, and they can see for themselves what true love is all about.  It's about YOU and ME.

I love you.

 - Amanda Kaye -


We have been dating:

And I am thankful for every second we have spent together.

"Love comes to those who believe...and that's the way it is."
- Celine Dion