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Funniest BSB-related thing to ever happen to:

Amanda (webmaster):
I was out by my pool catching some rays and listening to BSB "Millennium" when, all of a sudden, the music cut off!  My puppy had unplugged the radio.  I guess he had gotten sick of listening to it.  Either that, or he was upset about Tyke (Brian's dog/male) hooking up with Houston (Nick's dog/female..the DOG, not NICK).  He has a crush on her.  (Attraction to the Carter family must run in my family...'cause Nick looks pretty good to me. LOL)
Shanna (webmaster):

I was at my school yearbook signing day, and they were playing music.  They had been playing all the rap and stuff, and I was getting tired of listening to it.  So, when a song was over, I stood up and yelled, "We need some BACKSTREET BOYS up in here."  One boy yelled out something like, "What, that gay music?"  I yelled back at him, "Your just jealous because you don't have a jaw like Brian's!"  Sticking up for my BOYS baby!  Oh, yeah!


I'm a senior this year, and, well, I was sitting in Government class signing yearbooks the other day, and my teacher was checking our notebooks. I had written all sorts of Backstreet Boys lyrics on the cover, but I didn't think anything of it. Anyways, I was sitting in class, and all of a sudden, my teacher (he's a guy) said to the class, "Whoa, get a load of this! This person wrote some poetry on their notebook!" So he read the first lines of "I'll Never Break Your Heart"  and when he read the part that goes, "Honey, I knew that we would be, together forever," I almost died. The whole class was cracking up. I could tell they weren't not really BSB fans.  But I had to stick up for my Boys so I said really loud, "So what?! Don't you KNOW that song?" and then I started to sing it.  But boy, that was QUITE embarrassing!! (Amanda---LMAO!)


Well I was sitting in my living room watching TV and suddenly my kitten jumped on the remote control causing it to switch to MTV and who do you think was on? The Backstreet Boys of course!! With I Want It That Way!!! My cat is so in tune with the BSB!!! :)

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