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Certainly, everyone has heard the basics of the TITANIC disaster. There was a ship of which claims were made that it was unsinkable. During it's maiden voyage, on the cold night of April 14, 1912, this claim was proven false. The ship struck an iceberg on the starboard (right) side and within three hours, it had made the Northern Atlantic oceanfloor it's resting place. Now, I would like to tell you some things about the TITANIC itself that you may have not known.


building began in 1907

was launched on the same day
as sister ship Olympic; May 31, 1911

882 feet long

height was equivalent to an eleven-story building

funnels were 22 feet in diameter; 62 feet high

three million rivets held together the hull

the three anchors aboard had a combined weight of 31 tons

had 101-ton rudder, which had to be cast in six separate pieces

weight: 46,000 tons!

50,000 horse power; capable of 23 knots

had 4 passenger elevators

50 phone switchboard

5-kilowat Marconi station

Turkish bath


swimming pool

on maiden (and only) voyage, 1,320 passengers were aboard;
915 crew; all of which only 713 survived

3435 bags of mail

6,000 tons of coal

900 tons of baggage

Information source: Wade, Wyn Craig. The TITANIC End of a Dream New York, 1986.